ESAB WARRIOR and Aristo Tech Air Unit
ESAB Renegade ES 300i Dual Voltage

ESAB WARRIOR and Aristo Tech Air Unit

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The WARRIOR™ Tech helmet has been designed with user safety in mind, none more so than the protection against welding fumes.
The WARRIOR™ Tech is offered in combination with ESAB’s PAPR systems. Both the Eco Air and Aristo® Air are offered together with WARRIOR Tech for a complete respiratory system. Manufactured to a high level of safety under EN12941, whilst not compromising on user comfort.
This is for the air unit only and does not include a headshield.
  • Hose lock locking mechanism for added strength
  • PRE Filter - Prolonging life of main filter
  • Robust Door
  • MECHANICAL PARTICULATE PLEATED “PAPER” FILTER TH2P/3P - The filter media is made of Glass microfibers
  • MECHANICAL PARTICULATE PLEATED “PAPER” FILTER WITH CARBON TH2P - The filtering media is made from Glass microfibers which in combination with the 2 layers of Activated charcoal(carbon)media offers a very large surface area to absorb Odours without effecting performance. To be used in conjunction with Carbon pre- filters.
  • PRE FILTER - Regular changing of pre-filters will extend the life of the main filter. ESAB recommend that the pre-filter should be changed once per shift (8hrs). In a High dust environment, should then be changed more often (2-3times) per shift.
PAPR Dimensions W195 x H160 x Thick 93mm
Unit Weight(Battery + Filter) 935g
Battery Charger Intelligent Cut-Off Charger
Battery Lithium-ion
Battery Weight 327g
Battery Operating Time 8hrs@ 210l/min 11/12 @175L/min
Air Flow 170/210 l/min Variably Regulated
Adjustable Air Flow Yes
Air Flow Indicator LED Yes
Battery Warning Alarm (Audio) Yes
Battery Warning Alarm (Visual) Yes
Filter Warning Alarm (Audio) Yes
Filter Warning Alarm (Visual) Yes
Battery LED Indicator Yes
Main Filter (Particulate) Yes
Main Filter (Particulate/Odour) Yes


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