ESAB WARRIOR Eco Tech Air Unit
ESAB Renegade ES 300i Dual Voltage

ESAB WARRIOR Eco Tech Air Unit

ESAB WARRIOR Eco Tech Air Unit
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Brand: ESAB
Product Code: 0700002175
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The WARRIOR™ Tech helmet has been designed with user safety in mind, none more so than the protection against welding fumes.

The Eco Air powered respiratory systems provides 170 litres of clean/ filtered air per minute to give a more pleasant working environment.  The unit only weighs 1kg but will still withstand the toughest of  environments. The unit is supplied with a P3 filter with an extraordinary  filtration capacity. The battery, which have an operating capacity of 8  hours, can be charged separate from the motor unit, hence it can be  utilised when working double shifts. The Eco Air is equipped with an  Audio low flow alarm and indicates when the battery is running low or  when the filter is blocked. The Buddy™ Air can be used together with  Aristo® Tech and WARRIOR Tech.
This is for the air unit only and does not include a headshield.
PAPR Dimensions W160 x H160 x Thick 87mm
Unit Weight(Battery + Filter) 1000g
Battery Charger Intelligent Cut-Off Charger
Battery Nickel Metal Hydride
Battery Weight 485g
Battery Operating Time 8hrs@170l/min
Air Flow Min air flow 170 l/min
Adjustable Air Flow No
Air Flow Indicator LED No
Battery Warning Alarm (Audio) Yes
Battery Warning Alarm (Visual) No
Filter Warning Alarm (Audio) Yes
Filter Warning Alarm (Visual) No
Battery LED Indicator No
Main Filter (Particulate) Yes
Main Filter (Particulate/Odour) Yes


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