ESAB CaddyMig C160i
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ESAB CaddyMig C160i

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Caddy® Mig C160i

Portable MIG/MAG welding unit with built-in wire feeder for Ø200 mm spools.

Caddy® Mig C160i is used for MIG/MAG welding of mild steels for repair, maintenance and assembly work. This easy to use and powerful unit offers excellent welding properties and is easy to take along to the job at hand. Great if you are welding in the workshop or on the move.

With Caddy® Mig C160i you only need to set the plate thickness before staring to weld. Hotter or colder welds can easily be obtained by using the heat adjustment knob.

Delivery includes
3 m torch, 3 m mains cable with plug, 4.5 m gas hose with hose clamp and quick connector, return cable with clamp, simple shoulder strap, fitted wear parts in torch/feeder for Ø0.8 mm wire. 1 kg OK Autrod 12.51, Ø0.8 mm is also included.



External dimensions, LxWxH, mm 449x198x347
Weight, kg 11.4
Enclosure class, protection IP23C
Mains supply, V/Hz 230 +/- 15% / 1ph 50/60
Fuse, slow, A 16
Mains cable, Ø mm2 3x1.5
Max output at 35% duty cycle, A 150/20.5 
Max output at 100% duty cycle, A 100/19 
Open circuit voltage, V 60
Power factor at max current 0.99
Setting range, A 30-160 
Wire feed, m/min 2-11


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