ESAB Eye Tech II Mono 10-11 Welding Helmet
ESAB Renegade ES 300i Dual Voltage

ESAB Eye Tech II Mono 10-11 Welding Helmet

ESAB Eye Tech II Mono 10-11 Welding Helmet
No Longer Available
Brand: ESAB
Product Code: 0700000910
Availability: Obsolete

RRP £250.00!


The entry level helmet in the Eye-Tech II range is the 10-11, a two shade helmet designed for MIG/MAG and MMA welding.

For the welder the single most important product in terms of personal protection has to be the welding helmet. A name, which has become synonymous with comfort, safety and reliability in automatic welding helmets,is “ESAB Eye-Tech”.

Now ESAB is proud to introduce the Eye-Tech II, a completely new helmet in terms of design and performance. With the Eye-Tech II, ESAB have combined a new modern look with great mechanical features for improved comfort and functionality.

A new feature of the Eye-Tech II is the curved front cover lens. This helpsto prevent spatter sticking and the edges created by the design of the helmet shell, protect the front cover lens from getting scratched if the helmet is placed face down on the workbench. The lens is also sealed with a rubber gasket to prevent any build up of fumes between the lens and the cartridge.

The Eye-Tech II uses the same harness as its predecessor, which distributes the weight evenly on the head. The helmet is designed to give full protection not only from the front but also the side of the face and ears. The Eye-Tech has always been known for its comfort.

When working with an Eye-Tech helmet you never have to worry about switching the cartridge on because it is always active. There are batteries in the cartridge and these are charged by the solar cells. This way the batteriesare always kept at full capacity and when the helmet is placed in a dark environment, like in a cabinet, in a box or face down on the bench, the electronics automatically switch off after 10 minutes. As soon as the helmet is then brought back into the light it reactivates. This ensures that the batteries never run low.

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