ESAB CarryVac2 P150 Portable Fume Extractor 110V/230V
ESAB Renegade ES 300i Dual Voltage

ESAB CarryVac2 P150 Portable Fume Extractor 110V/230V

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Brand: ESAB
Product Code: 0700003885
Availability: 2 - 3 Days

The working environment has a direct effect on the quality, productivity and profitability of your company. Welding fumes are one of the disadvantages of welding. Nowadays it is possible to eliminate all the polluted air from the breathing zone. One of the most efficient ways is to use a welding torch with integrated smoke extraction – connect it to a Carryvac 2 P150!

The Carryvac 2 P150/P150 AST are two small, lightweight, portable extraction units designed to be carried to the working area. Connected to a PSF Centrovac welding torch or to an extraction nozzle, the Carryvac 2 P150/P150 AST units extract the fume directly at source. The polluted air is filtered up to 99.7% and the particles are captured in a hygienic packed filter, which prevents you from coming into contact with the pollution. The Carryvac 2 P150/P150 AST are equipped with a filter indicator that shows when the filter must be replaced. The Carryvac 2 P150/P150 AST are ideal for maintenance welding, low and medium duty cycle. They can also be your starting units before investing in a Centrovac Air Clean System for the entire workshop. The filter capacity is approximately 200 kg of solid wire or twelve 15-kg spools.

The Carryvac 2 P150 AST is also equipped with an automatic start/stop function which increases the lifetime of each filter and of the unit itself. The welding current controls this function and, with a readjustable delay time, the unit stops. The Carryvac 2 P150 can be mounted on ESAB’s standard welding machines using the supplied mounting kit.

Technical Data

Active filter area 5,3 m²
Air flow unit 165 m³/h
Air flow (5m hose) 150 m³/h
Max vacuum 2170 mmvp
Hose diameter 45mm
Weight 14Kg
Rating 1000W
Filter efficiency 99.7%
Voltage 110V or 230V

Ordering Information

Item Part No
CarryVac 2 P150 110-120V 0700003885
CarryVac 2 P150 AST 110-120V 0700003886
CarryVac 2 P150 220-240V 0700003883
CarryVac 2 P150 AST 220-240V 0700003884
Hose 45mm Wide, 1.6m Long 0154352015
Hose 45mm Wide, 3.5m Long 0154352008
Hose 45mm Wide, 5m Long 0154352006
Hose 45mm Wide, 15m Long 0154352002
Main filter CarryVac 2 0700003004
Pre Filter 0468455002
Carbon Brushes 0700003010
Suction nozzle TM-80, round 80mm 0700100080
Suction nozzle TM-200, 200mm wide 0700100200
Suction nozzle PM-300, 300mm wide 0700100300
Magnet for suction nozzle 0332010880


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