Fronius AccuPocket 150/400 Portable Off-Grid Battery Welder
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Fronius AccuPocket 150/400 Portable Off-Grid Battery Welder

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AccuPocket - Unlimited Mobility

Repair-welding high up in the mountains, field erection jobs out in the country or welding work at exposed locations: until recently, jobs like these always involved costly and time-consuming preparations. Long mains supply leads or big, heavy 8 kVA generators are now no longer necessary. Because AccuPocket ushers in a new and unprecedented era of mobile welding.

There no longer has to be mains power nearby. Now jobs needing up to six 3.25 mm electrodes or up to eighteen 2.5 mm ones can be welded autonomously. For more substantial welding applications, a small, compact 2 kVA generator is sufficient. And without any limitations on the welding power or the quality of the arc.

Far from it – thanks to AccuBoost Technology, AccuPocket welds extremely reliably and utilises its built-in power reserve to achieve perfect ignition and welding properties. Its advanced functional design – with very small dimensions, low weight and rugged build – makes AccuPocket the perfect companion at any field worksite.

AccuBoost Technology

The integral high-performance rechargeable battery momentarily delivers above-averagely high short-circuiting currents during welding, reliably minimising electrode-sticking. The perfect interplay between the battery and the welding electronics also permits high welding voltage at high power. This
prevents annoying arc-breaks.


TIG Option

Special TIG functions on AccuPocket TIG - Supports Up/Down welding torches, Integral gas solenoid valve, TAC function, TIG Comfort Stop, Extra torch connector.

Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Batteries

The AccuPocket’s battery is a high-performance ironphosphate- based lithium-ion (LiFePO4) battery with a capacity of approx. 400 Wh. This corresponds to the power of around 15 battery-powered screwdrivers.

The latest generation of LiFePO4 batteries is small, light yet extremely powerful. Complying with stringent safety standards, these battery cells put in a
particularly convincing performance in high-power applications.

LiFePO4 batteries stand out for the following attributes

  • High intrinsic safety

  • No memory effect

  • Long lifespan

  • Low self-discharge

Safety Features
  • Voltage monitoring of all battery-cells

  • Cell balancing during charging

  • Charge monitoring

  • Short-circuit-proof

  • Protection against overcharging

  • Protection against exhaustive discharge and overheating


BMS-Board – Battery Management System

  • Monitors all cells for uniform charging and discharging

  • Ensures that all battery-cells have uniform voltage and temperature

  • Safety cut-out

Permanently Mounted Battery-Pack

  • Highly robust, for mobile use

  • Fixed, solid mounting for perfect transmission of high welding currents; no exposed battery-connections

  • Optimum cooling concept with additional fans for extralong lifespan

  • Easy to service

Technical Data of Rechargeable Battery-Pack

  • Rated voltage: 52,8 V

  • Nominal capacity: 7,5 Ah

  • Rated energy: 396 Wh

  • Weight: 4,5 kg



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