Fronius TransSteel 3500/5000 MIG/MAG Welding System
ESAB Renegade ES 300i Dual Voltage

Fronius TransSteel 3500/5000 MIG/MAG Welding System

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Brand: Fronius
Product Code: TRANSSTEEL-3500/5000
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High-Performance Welding With TransSteel

High-performance welding processes for manual and mechanised installations are proven and well established in industry. Strong weld-seams are particularly necessary in steel-processing sectors like mechanical engineering and plant construction, railed-vehicle construction and shipbuilding.

With its up to 30 % higher deposition rate, TransSteel’s high-performance power range makes it ideal for economical welding of thick steel sheets. With TransSteel, wirefeed speeds of 25 m/min can be reached with 1.2 mm steel wire.

Superb high-performance welding process stability is ensured by the system’s specially tailored components such as the heavy-duty torch. A 2-circuit cooling system makes for optimum cooling, while the continuously adjustable contact tip allows many different stick-outs.

Economy - Long Life Comes Built In

• Rugged appliance concept for greater durability of all components
• Dust filter protects the inner workings of the power source from soiling
• The use of high-strength plastic for the housing makes the wirefeeder break-proof and gives it complete, allround insulation
• Thermostat-controlled fan runs only when needed, which lessens dirt accumulation inside the unit

Safety - Designed For Robust Deployment

• Slanted connector plate protects the connection points on the power source from damage
• The hosepack connections are concealed by the “sleigh” on one side of the wirefeeder
• Shielded filler neck on the cooling unit, to protect against mechanical damage
• Temperature sensor protects the welding system against overheating
• Earth leakage monitoring prevents welding current from flowing via the earthing (grounding) lead and destroying the PE conductor system
• International test certificates for worldwide deployment (S Mark, CE Mark, CSA, CCC)

VR5000 Wire Feeder

For storing the power, arc-force dynamic and correction values with one push of the button

Easy, operator-friendly user interface for quick operation with no need for time-consuming introductory training. The sturdy protective cover is available as an optional extra.

Wirefeeder Vewing Panel - For seeing at a glance how much wire is left / has been used

FastSnap - Twist and pull: that’s all it takes to safely change and lock the gas nozzle

The System Connector is the “spinal cord” of the TransSteel. All media are routed through this central connection-point. A fastening lever locks the hosepack in place quickly, accurately and without needing any tools.

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