Propane Super Heating Nozzle 3H
ESAB Renegade ES 300i Dual Voltage

Propane Super Heating Nozzle 3H

Propane Super Heating Nozzle 3H
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Brand: MUREX
Product Code: 0700157559
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The “H” Series are designed to provide a large flame giving a broad spread of heat over a large area. The nozzles are widely used for pre and post heating of weldments and for the shaping and forming of steel components. There are 5 models in the range provide a range of flame sizes.

Size Btu/h Part No
1H 72,000-163,000 0700157557
2H 102,000 - 188,000 0700157558
3H 183,000 - 361,000 0700157559
4H 236,000 - 406,000 0700157560
5H 281,000 - 618,000 0700157561


*Equipment to be used with Saffire 5, torches with heavy duty mixer Part No. 0700143758. NM250 with adaptor Part No. 0701250458. Note – up to 766,000 Btu/h can be obtained from 5H when used on NM250 with adaptor.

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