ESAB WARRIOR Tech Shade 9-13 Reactolite Helmet - Black
ESAB Renegade ES 300i Dual Voltage

ESAB WARRIOR Tech Shade 9-13 Reactolite Helmet - Black

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The WARRIOR™ Tech helmet has been designed to meet the needs of a variety of welders, providing a high tech lightweight shell to protect from heat, sparks and spatter, The welding lens gives a high clarity of view, resulting in an excellent optical quality utilising the latest ADF technology.

The WARRIOR™ Tech helmet provides ideal functionality, performance and comfort to the occasional welder, maintenance and construction workers through to the professional welder.

Enhanced Performance

  • Four Arc sensors for higher response and wider coverage
  • Optimal performance for most fabrication and out-of-position welding
  • Designed for MIG, TIG and MMA Welding

Sensitivity Control

  • An adaptable feature useful when welding low amperages (TIG) for better reaction to darker Arc light
Large Viewing Area
  • 98mm x 48mm (3.85’’ x 1.88’’)
  • Giving a wider field of vision increasing spatial awareness
  • 1/2/1/2 – Optical Class, 9 – 13 shade level
  • Available with dioptre configurations as standard
Delay Control
  • Enabling the welder to set how long the lens stays dark after welding arc stops.
  • Short delay helps get the job done faster during tack welding, whilst longer delay is useful for high amperage welding.

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