ESAB LAF 631 / 1001 / 1251 / 1601 Sub Arc Power Source
ESAB Renegade ES 300i Dual Voltage

ESAB LAF 631 / 1001 / 1251 / 1601 Sub Arc Power Source

ESAB LAF 631 / 1001 / 1251 / 1601 Sub Arc Power Source
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Brand: ESAB
Product Code: ESAB-LAF
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The LAF series are three phase, fan-cooled DC welding power sources designed for high productivity mechanized Submerged or high productivity MIG/MAG arc welding.

They are used in combination with ESAB’s A2-A6 equipment range and the A2-A6 Process Controllers (PEK or PEI).

LAF welding power sources have excellent welding characteristics throughout the entire current and voltage range, with particularly good starting and re-ignition properties. These power sources demonstrate good arc stability at both high and low arc voltages.

The welding power source can be adjusted and monitored from the front panel of the process controller (PEK or PEI), which permits easy adjustment of all welding parameters. The welding current range can be extended by connecting two power sources in parallel for the most demanding application.

The power sources are designed to be used with the fully digital PEK controller for maximum functionality or with the PEI controller with basic functionality for less demanding applications. Communication is vital in automation applications. Therefore the power source is prepared for communication using most standard protocols like TCP/IP (LAN), CAN or even straight communication with a PLC. Optional communication modules might be needed depending on type of used protocol.
Submerged Arc Welding
The excellent welding characteristics and the capacity of the LAF series make these power sources ideal for continuous submerged arc welding. The LAF power sources are today used by the major manufacturers of wind power compo-nents, nuclear power vessels, boilers and in the ship building industry.
MIG/MAG Welding
LAF power sources produce a stable arc at low currents and voltages. This means that they are also ideal for high productive MIG and MAG weld-ing in automation applications as welding the root pass in heavy pipe production.

  LAF 631 LAF 1001 LAF 1251 LAF 1601
External dimensions, LxWxH, mm 670x490x930 646x552x1090 774x598x1428 774x598x1428
Weight, kg 260 330 490 585
Enclosure class, protection IP23 IP23 IP23 IP23
No load power, W 150 145 220 220
Open circuit voltage, V 54 52 51 54
Power factor at max current 0.90 0.95 0.92 0.87
Efficiency at max current 0.84 0.84 0.87 0.86
Max output at 60% duty cycle, A 800/44 1000/44 - -
Max output at 100% duty cycle, A 630/44 800/44 1250/44 1600/44
Setting range, A/V, MIG/MAG 50/17-630/44 50/17-1000/45 60/17-1250/44 -
Setting range, A/V, SAW 30/21-800/44 40/22-1000/45 40/22-1250/44 40/22-1600/46
Voltage, 3 ph 50 Hz, V 400/415 400/415/500 400/415/500 400/415/500
Voltage, 3 ph 60 Hz, V 440 400/440/550 400/440/550 400/440/550
Current A 100%, 50 Hz, 60 Hz 52 64/64/52 99/99/80 136/136/108
Fuse slow A, 50 Hz 63 63 100/100/80 160/160/125
Fuse slow A, 60 Hz 63 63 100/100/80 160/160/125


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