ESAB 12.51 0.8mm Mild Steel Wire 5Kg
ESAB Renegade ES 300i Dual Voltage

ESAB 12.51 0.8mm Mild Steel Wire 5Kg

ESAB 12.51 0.8mm Mild Steel Wire 5Kg
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OK Autrod 12.51 is ESAB’s premium quality copper-coated MAG welding wire. A carefully controlled wire surface condition and cleanliness, in combination with a continuous copper-layer with optimum thickness, results in reduced contamination of the feeding system with copper flakes, compared with low cost MAG wires. It guarantees longer periods of low force feeding, arc stability and low spatter between cleaning and maintenance intervals and provides an excellent weld quality. The chemistry of the wire is carefully controlled for consistently high mechanical properties of the weld.

Perfect For Any Machine That Uses 200DIN Spool or BS300 Spool - Recommended For the ESAB CaddyMig C160i & C200i


Shielding Gas Alloy Type CE
M21, C1 (EN ISO 14175) Carbon-manganese steel (Mn/Si-alloyed) marking with EN 13479

Chemical compositions
Wire (%) Min Max
C 0.06 0.14
Si 0.70 1.00
Mn 1.30 1.60
P 0.025
S 0.025

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