MUREX Bostrand LW1 1.0mm 15KG Mild Steel Wire
ESAB Renegade ES 300i Dual Voltage

MUREX Bostrand LW1 1.0mm 15KG Mild Steel Wire

MUREX Bostrand LW1 1.0mm 15KG Mild Steel Wire
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Bostrand LW1 is the general purpose mild steel copper coated MAG (metal active gas) wire. De-oxidised with manganese and silicon, it produces quality welds with excellent radiographic and mechanical properties. Bostrand LW1 is ideal for welding most mild and carbon-manganese steels e.g. Lloyds grades A to EH (up to EH32).

Classification Weld Metal
EN ISO 14341-A G 38 2 C G3Si1
EN ISO 14341-A G 42 3 M G3Si1

Classification Wire Electrode
EN ISO 14341-A G3Si1
SFA/AWS A5.18 ER70S-6

ABS : 3YSA (M21) BV : SA3YM (M21) CE EN 13479
LR : 3S, 3YS DNV : 111 YMS

Typical all-weld mechanical properties – as welded using Ar/20%CO2
Yield Stress 480 MPa
Tensile Strength 560 MPa
Elongation 26 %
Charpy V impact value, Typical - 20°C 90 J
                                                        - 30°C 70 J

Chemical Composition (wire)
Min Max
C 0.06 0.14
Si 0.80 1.00
Mn 1.40 1.60
S 0.025
P 0.025
Cu 0.35

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