ESAB Heliarc 283i AC/DC Tig MMA Welder
ESAB Renegade ES 300i Dual Voltage

ESAB Heliarc 283i AC/DC Tig MMA Welder

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High Quality AC/DC TIG & MMA Welding
The new Heliarc power sources have everything you need for advanced AC/DC TIG welding of aluminum, aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys, stainless steel, mild steel and copper alloys. Heliarc weld stick electrodes, even difficult to start ‘Cellulosic’ AWS 60XX.

Settings to Optimize Your Results
Heliarc has the functionality to achieve excellent results. AC & DC pulse, extended AC frequency & balance controls, Ability to store 60 programs and the ability to switch between two amperage levels while welding are just a few of the features.

AC & DC Pulse
Used to regulate heat input, particularly advantageous on thin materials. Using pulse, increases arc stability & puddle control for faster welding speeds with less plate deformation. Varying the pulse frequency effects heat input creating a rippling effect in the weld bead. Pulse frequency, together with weld speed, determines size & distance between surface ripples desired for a high quality aesthetic appearance . Using more than100hz gives a smooth weld (no ripples) and improves arc stability at low amps.

Extended AC Balance (EN)
Reduces tungsten erosion and provides operators with improved penetration or cleaning effect essential for high quality welds.

Extended AC Frequency Permits the use of smaller tungsten electrodes, maintains tungsten shape. provides a focused, narrow and more efficient arc cone resulting in improved penetration, narrow weld bead (requiring less filler material) lower heat input and increased travel speed improve efficiency helping reduce costs.

AC Hot-Start at low amp AC TIG gives accurate starts when welding thin plates

Inverter technology: Fast, responsive arc with high power output coupled with small size and low weight.
Efficient: Low power requirement, smaller electrical service ( breaker/fuses) smaller power cord and smaller generator size
Ease of Use: 
Digital controls for high accuracy and repeatability

TIG Torches and Accessories
ESAB offers a complete range of TXH™ TIG torches, foot control control and TXH™ with integrated remote for these units.

•High quality TIG-welding - Exceptional performance across a wide variety of materials.
•Excellent Arc control - Stable arc characteristics and settings provide excellent arc control and fast welding speed
•Hot start - Excellent arc starts at low Amp AC TIG welding.
•AC or DC Pulsed TIG welding - Easy control of heat input and the weld pool. enhanced aesthetic weld bead appearance.
•Dual TIG function - Switch between two weld current levels while welding via torch switch. Allows operator to manually control weld puddle fluidity.
•Superior Stick (SMAW) performance - Even with 60XX electrodes
•Liftarc Mode even on AC - Ideal for applications where HF (High Frequency) is not permitted.
•Inverter / microprocessor technology - Highly efficient with low input power requirements. Precise arc control coupled with low weight & size
•AC Pulsing 0.2-2Hz - Ideal for thin gauge aluminum

Comprising Heliarc 283i AC/DC, TXH™ 201 4m torch, 5m Work Return Lead & Clamp, 4 Wheel Trolley

Supplied with Trolley

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